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P.O. Box 2264

Chico, CA ,  95927-2264

Phone: (530) 891-0691

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The Dental Connection

Serving Northern California

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q - Is there a charge to the referred staff from The Dental Connection?

A - No there is no charge to the referred staff.

Q - Who pays the referred staff?

A - The dental office pays the referred staff either at the end of the work day or during their regularly scheduled payroll.

Q - Do all offices take taxes out of my paycheck?

A - Not always, it depends on the office and the salary you have earned. If the office requires that you complete a W-4 form then taxes will be taken out of your paycheck. If you fill out a 1099 form then taxes won't be taken out of your paycheck, however, the office will report your earnings to the IRS. You must then report your earnings to the IRS when you file your taxes.

Q - Will the dental office supply everything I need?

A - No, you should provide your own uniform and prescription eyewear. If you are latex sensitive then you should provide your own gloves. All other barriers are provided by the office.

Q - If I am already a full-time employee elsewhere, can I work as a temporary employee in another office whenever my schedule permits?

A - Yes! And we'd appreciate helping you in that regards.

Q - How much notice will I be given when a position is available?

A - You usually are given ample notification (usually at least a week), however, emergencies do occur and if we have your permission to call on short notice we may call the day of.

Q - How do I find out about current job opportunities?

A - Please call 530-891-0691 or email for more information.

“ The Dental Connection has been valuable to me when those emergency situations arise necessitating a hygienist or assistant. This service has also helped with permanent placement in our office for a very reasonable fee."

Dr. Tony Jewett, Chico, CA

"The Dental Connection is absolutely indispensable. This service has made our office much more stress-free by sending (usually on short notice)quality assistants and hygienists to replace those staff that are unable to work."

Dr. Guy Weichert, Oroville, CA

"The Dental Connection has helped me tremendously on numerous occasions for both temporary and permanent placement for my office. I recommend The Dental Connection to any dentist who may need this service.. "

Dr. Tom Lee, Magalia, CA